Personality and Interest Profiling

Subject/Career Choice support

Why consider this?

Most young people are undecided at the age of 16 as to what career / work they are interested in and yet the school subjects they choose has considerable impact on their options. At the age of 18 they may have already made a selection, yet may be unclear about which route to take next. There are some university students who are unsure of the choices they have made and may need to re-evaluate these choices. These can be anxious and/or expensive times for these young people and decisions have long term repercussions.

We are committed to supporting young people in developing their self-awareness as to what career avenues they may be interested in exploring. More informed decisions can be made when these “magic” three components – ability, achievement and values/interests are considered.

Abilities and achievement are generally accessible information through school and University grades and information. Interests and values are best explored through the use of interpretive materials such as professionally developed personality and interest inventories. We use psychometrically sound instruments that are administered by a British Psychological Society (BPS) accredited psychometrist.

What does this entail?

After an introductory explanation provided in person, over the phone or on-line, the young person answers a series of questions which in turn generates a report. During a 1 to 1 face-to-face feedback session lasting approximately 1 hour, the feedback facilitator and the student discuss the results from the report. Each in-depth report is tailored to support students in exploring and making informed career choices. The report is designed to match the individual responses to general professional areas as well as a range of specific career options and by talking in-person with them we make sure they are not left to make sense of it on their own. From these career options subjects for A levels or university can be explored.

Next Steps…

If you would like to use this service then please contact us. Feel free to ask any questions to assure yourself that this will be helpful. If you decide to proceed, A “how to complete” the questionnaire and the on line questionnaire will be sent to you for completion. Once the report is available you will be contacted to meet up to share the report and discuss options and a possible action plan.