Part of the excitement of leaving school is deciding what to “be”. At Real Life Skills we work with every type of ability, talent, vision and dreamer to find a career route which is both achievable and fulfilling.

Getting older and more experienced, lots of people find they want to choose a different role, employer or career. We provide an impartial sounding board to talk through your options; discuss how you can use your knowledge and understanding to make changes; ensure that your CV is right for the next step; and put together an action plan.

For some young people – who have a clear idea of exactly what they want to do, it can be a question of defining the route and ensuring they understand the various requirements.
Most young people, however, are not entirely confident or clear about what they might do, or how, or when. We work to put small steps in place, always aiming to keep options open.

With the range of apprenticeships, FE colleges, work placements and university degrees becoming increasingly complex and varied the need for clear pathways becomes even more important.