Help, please, for a survey about computers, older adults and feelings…

survey guyI am into the last phase of my computing studies at the UEA and would like some help. Older adults’ use of computers is an area which interests me in particular and the subject of my dissertation. To understand more about how older adults, people aged 65+, use computers, and how they feel about them, I am doing a survey.

To collect as much information as I can over the next 3 weeks I need a bit of help and wondered if you could please spare a moment?

Attached are two questionnaires. One can be completed by an older adult in person, the other can be completed by a friend or relative of an older adult. It doesn’t matter if the older adult never uses a computer or is a super-silver-surfer-geek. I also don’t mind if they really hate computers (I won’t take it personally). All information is valuable.

All responses are anonymous and the data will not be made available to any 3rd parties.

It would be great if you could complete the questionnaire(s) and email them back to me – or post them if you prefer.

Please contact me with any questions or if the questionnaire is unclear.

Thank you for your help.

Best wishes


PS – Do forward this message and the questionnaires to anyone you think might be interested in joining in with my survey.

Older Adult Computer Use – questionniare for relation or friend of older adult

Older Adult Computer Use – questionnaire




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